Who we are?

Gulf Professional Clothing is crafted under its mother company “Georges Maroun Atallah Est” also known as GMA or the G Company.
A 40 years international business specialized in uniform design. Starting in Beirut since the late 70’s and moving around the Gulf region, GPC has tailored a name of tribute and success.

The artistic production of this business has been engaged in dressing employees of top level companies, hotels, restaurants and airlines. And alternatively many beautiful kids in schools and nursery homes!
Our prestigious experience allows us to offer the most elegant uniform designs in the line with every clientele demand along with their nature of work and mode.

We will provide the timely delivery of work-wear and uniforms whose performance and appearance are in accordance with our tradition of strict quality protocols and high manufacturing standards.
GPC’s vision is to be the best uniforms clothing while maximizing customer satisfaction and promoting ethical business practices.

At GPC, we do not compromise on quality, comfort and fit. We do all we can to help you make a statement rather than merely create a uniform.
We know that the greatest design may look wonderful on paper but can destroy the look if the pattern, material and manufacture are not getting equal attention. Our items are classic and stylish as we put great care into developing patterns that move along with the people who wear them.

  • Hospitality: restaurants, airlines, hospitals, spas and salons.
  • Educational: schools and nurseries.
  • Companies: construction, cleaning, security and valet, office clothing and promotional items.